Hippocrates GardenHippocrates Garden
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Hippocrates Garden is a certified organic botanical garden.

During this 10 years of operation in our garden 2000 and more forestal trees where planted by students of the schools of the island.

Besides old cedar trees there are self growing wild herbs, like lavender, oregano, thyme, sage, hypericum, laudanum and heath. We also cultivate grapes from which we make dry red wine, under the label Eros (Code no α -434721 Ε 3 given by Bio-hellas, Control Institute of biological products, bio-certifies our vineyard). Fruit bearing trees and biological growing vegetables are all around us. You can taste our products and find out how easy it is to use biological methods in agriculture, respecting land and the environment. We would be delighted to share our products with you and invite you to drink our wine and share your opinion with us.