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                                                    ” PARTHENON TEMPLE”


The parthenon temple was built in the name of Athena the godess of wisdom in the 5b.c. Before the last great temple was built 2 more ones , but was distroyed from the Persians. The word Acropolis is coming from 2 words Acro , meaning the highest point and Polis , meaning the town. Becouse its made for Athena godess is called Parthenon , that meens the Virgins temple , as the godess of wisdom is Virgin.

Inside the temples aera were more smaller ones as the Erecthion , the temple of the snake. The godess had only one child Erectheas , that was a snake made by the sperma of Ifestus. This sacred temple had 6 women to hold the roof , the Kariatides. Women from Karyes were dedicated to the godess.

Here you can see photos from the Temple as it was in the ancient times and as it is today.