Hippocrates GardenHippocrates Garden
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Philosopher’s Arcade located in our Garden, built by the worthy hands of old masters of the island, with stone from the quarry of Kefalos and has a wooden roof with old tiles. The technique is similar to that of our ancestors and masonry follows the style of the era. In the west wall ancient themes highlight the visitor the real value of philosophical medical art.

The Philosopher’s Arcade functions as a library and art gallery and the visitor can read the ancient Greek philosophers and admire the young Greek artists. The objects exhibited were rescued by urbanization suffered by Greece for the last 50 years. Visitor can see books and objects from 1920 households and 9th century and half. Those objects are the material of our “museum”. Here we can recognize the value of saving objects, over the years, which will become the legacy for our descendants.

In the Philosopher’s Arcade conducted lectures and symposia that aim the cultivation of the intellect and the visitor’s contact with the substance of philosophy. So we hope to contribute to breaking the myth that wants a deeper introspection and preoccupation with the spirit to be anachronistic process.